Our grooming services include the nails trimmed, ears cleaned, bath with shampoo and conditioner according what will be most suitable for your dog’s coat, and drying with brushing and combing without excessive tangles. Then, the haircut customized to what will keep your dog attractive and maintainable until the next appointment.

Hair Cuts:

At this time we can only accept new haircut clients that are less than 40 lbs. The average Shih Tzu or Westie haircut is $85. The average Havanese  or Mini Schnauzer haircut is $90. The average Bichon haircut is $96. The average Wheaten Terrier or Cocker Spaniel haircut is $113. These prices are based on an average sized  dog without excessive tangles or length of coat.

Dog Baths:

We do bathe dogs of all sizes, that are not in need of a haircut. We can bathe larger dogs as long as the hair is not longer than a smooth-coated German Shepherd. Why the limitation? We are a small salon and our schedule is booked several weeks in advance with a limited number of bath spots. Our Bathing Department does a great job of getting dogs squeaky clean and deshedded. Our Grooming Department is very heavily booked and is unable to accommodate emergency massive brushouts and dematting.

Dog baths include the nails trimmed and ears cleaned, as well as shampoo and conditioner appropriate to your dog's coat, and some deshedding. At this time, the average Pug Bath is $56. The average Corgi Bath is $63, the average Lab Bath is $75, and the average Golden Retriever Bath is $89.

Nail Trims (available separately):

  • Small Dogs Nails (chihuahuas, yorkies) are $20.

  • Medium Dogs Nails (pugs, schnauzers, westies) are $23.

  • Large Dogs Nails (labs, goldens) are $26.

We try to schedule nail trims for afternoon appointments between 1:30-4:30pm. If you need an earlier time, let us know and we will find a spot to accommodate you.



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